The Corporation. I CD




Listen to Aktiveight’s Debut Album in collaboration with Andrew Moorer, Aneika Nice, Fatal A, Lethal Range, Jözzy, Jevon, and Swavey.

  1. Intro
  2. Started With You (Ft. Andrew Moorer)
  3. First Touch (Ft. Andrew Moorer)
  4. Weekend (Ft. Jevon, Swavey, Fatal A, Lethal Range)
  5. Play With My Money (Ft. Swavey, Fatal A, Lethal Range)
  6. Get It, Got It, Good (Ft. Lethal Range, Jözzy, Akeika Nice)
  7. Rescue (Ft. Akeika Nice, Jözzy, Lethal Range)
  8. Turn The Heat Up (Ft. Andrew Moorer)
  9. Rockin The Beat (Aktiveight Trap VIP)
  10. Staggering Beauty

Hard copy includes Jewel Case, Lyric Book, and CD.