Crate is the first its kind mobile application. This augmented reality app allows you to scan the front cover of music albums and will instantly display a three-dimensional video on the smart device’s screen. The app can recognize different album covers and instantly renders the music video. This is useful for people who are album collectors, record store owners, and anyone who would be interested in finding out more information about your favorite music!

Watch Demo Video! Here are some features that will be on the Full release of Crate: AR

1. Create an account using your email or social media account – Although the application doesn’t require everyone to create an account. The Augmented reality feature will always be available for anyone to use freely. Users can choose sign up for a FREE account to BUILD a collection, LEVEL-UP, and earn REWARDS by completing challenges.

2. Build your collection of scanned albums and share your discoveries with your friends – The collection is where the all scanned and owned albums will be stored. Share all scans on our AKTIVE feed and on any social media platform. The user can determine to keep their collection public or private.

3. Record video and save them on your device – Allows the user to take videos and photos of the scanned album. The augmented reality feature will be active once the album is recognized using photo recognition software and our app database.

There are a lot of benefits that this application can bring. However, I believe that this app will help many independent musicians who are selling CDs or vinyl records. I wish to help these artists and musicians by providing them with a platform that gives their constantly changing fan base a whole new way to experience buying an album!

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