Music has created a booming market on the internet and online publishers make it easy for an artist by starting their careers with great opportunities to generate royalties on major streaming services as well as digital sales on popular online stores. To effectively create buzz around music starts socially! Major artist tend to share every new release on social media about a year in advance allowing fans to get excited for their new content. They also have everything scheduled like the reveal of the track, posts, videos, pictures, and everything in between.

Using new innovations and proven promotion methods together can increase the “song stream rate” (SSR) and boost the likelihood of the song to generate an actual profit. Taking advantage of social media should be the first online tool a new artist should understand. Gathering a solid fan base will guarantee that people will check out the content. A successful way to do this would be to join Facebook Groups to engage in communities that fit the genre of the song. Many artist have a hard time with engaging in conversations with their fans. The best way to start communicating with a community is to comment on peoples post with helpful ideas and friendly advice.


Nicholas Rodriguez

Co-founder and CEO of Aktiveight Productions. Entrepreneur and Hip Hop Artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Twitter/ Instagram @Lethalrange